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Forms for clients of Behavioral Health Associates
Click on the links below to view and print a PDF document. These files require the Acrobat Reader plug in. You may download Acrobat Reader free from These forms open in a separate window so you need only close the window to return to this page.You may print these forms and fill them out before your appointment with Bob or Julie.

Bob Oberlander's Client forms

Bob Oberlander Patient Registration form (100K)

Bob Oberlander Adult Personal History Form (80K)

Bob Oberlander Developmental History Form (48K)

Bob Oberlander Primary Care Provider form (48K)

Bob Oberlander Disclosure statement (48K)

Bob Oberlander Second Party Billing form (44K)

Julie Behren's Client Forms

Julie Behrens Patient Registration form (128K)

Julie Behrens Primary Care Provider Information form (100K)

Julie Behrens Authorization for Release of Information form (140K)

Julie Behrens Disclosure Statement (484K)